Apprentisheship: Illumination by Liudmila

Liudmila Vladimirova doch' is a resident of the Barony of Calafia in the Kingdom of Caid, who does a lot of Russian-themed things such as pearl embroidery, storytelling, costuming, cooking, writing, and (more recently) illumination. She is newly released from being apprenticed to Mistress Soraya Evodia, a Caidan laurel with a specialty in research and all things Russian.  If you ask, Liudmila will tell you that she is a daughter of a Moscow boyar, of blessed memory, who lost his fortune in the early days of Tsar Ivan Vasilievich's reign and had to agree to marry her off to a foreign merchant. Thus, she had to leave her home but still refuses to wear any unseemly Western clothes and do unseemly Western things. Most of them, anyway...

Mundanely, I am Inna Kanevsky, an immigrant from Ukraine with an ability to read all those Russian books and write decent documentation for Liudmila's Russian things.

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